Single Issue Haul

I may have grown a slight addiction to buying single issues. It’s so easy to do especially with how great The Big Bang are to deal with. They’re a comic book store in Dundrum and sell online via email. I’ve bought from them twice now and I highly recommend them. Not only are they quick to get back about inquiries but also ship out quite fast after they get payment. The comics come packaged well and they come bagged and boarded for no extra cost.

2015-04-29 12.59.06

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Authors that I will always buy from

I found this tag a while back online. It’s about any author you love that when they release a new book you’d buy it straight away. That when they even release the smallest bit of news relating to a new release that you get excited regardless of what that information is. I have a couple of authors I’m obsessed about.

In no particular order here they are!

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Comic Collection Part 1

I’ve been properly collecting comics, trade back, graphic novels etc the past two years. I’ve always been interested in them but it’s only the past couple of years I’ve decided that I wanted to build a collection.

I’m hoping to buy more soon so if you have any recommendations please leave a comment below!

This is part 1 and part 2 will be uploaded pretty soon after this.2015-04-19 12.54.18

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