Ever After High-Holly and Poppy O’Hair

I made a quick trip to my local Smyths today to check if they had any dolls left from the January sale. I was happily surprised to find not only were they still on sale but they had way more included than I had seen on the website.

I’ve wanted Holly’s original doll ever since I first saw her on line. But she came with her sister making her too pricey.

I was stunned to see them both on sale for €20 making each doll 10. So of course I couldn’t resist snapping her up.

I’m hoping to pick up at the very least Raven Queen’s original doll on my next trip as she is down to €10.

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Harry Potter and Adventure Time Funko Pop Haul

I am so happy to finally be able to add some of the Harry Potter Funko Pop’s to my collection.

I’m hoping to add Ron to finish the golden trio at some point and I’m waiting for Draco and Luna to be released soon.

I also managed to get Marceline from Adventure Time as it was a 3 for 2 sale. I love her character so much. I’m also hoping to get Princess Bubblegum to go with her (who doesn’t ship them?). But for the moment Finn will keep her company.




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