Haul: Books and Disney!

I’m really excited to share with you a few things that I picked up recently!




I’ve wanted to read the Rebel Belle trilogy for a while and recently bought the first book. While they were cheaper online I decided to get the next two. I’m so happy to finally own it! I’m hoping to read them over Christmas.

I also finally bought newer volumes of Blue Exorcist. One of the problems when collecting books, manga and comics more so, is catching up to new releases! I collect a lot of different manga series and new volumes are coming out so quickly. I also have very few that are actually complete. Some are short, a few volumes, others though a very long. I recently finished collecting Naruto at 72 volumes! I am super excited to read these.

Princess Jellyfish was a fantastic anime so when they finally released the manga in English I bought it straight away. This is the third book which includes volume 5 and 6. I’m hoping that they will print the whole series. It’s such a fun and cute manga!


Orange is such a good manga! I bought the first collection recently and loved it! I had to order this one straight away. This is the second half of the series, the manga has a total of 5 volumes. It’s about a girl who gets a letter from herself, from 10 years into the future. She doesn’t believe it at first but then things detailed in the letter start to come true.It’s also a really good anime series.


This was one of the best purchases that I’ve made recently. I missed this mug when it came out in the Disney store a couple of years ago. The Anna one was one of my first Disney store mugs and I wasn’t used to the store. They rotate their mugs so quickly! It was the only set of Frozen mugs that I owned that I didn’t have matching! Now I finally have this one to match my Anna mug! I even got it cheap, only £5 on eBay!

I’m going to write up about my recent Tofu Cute order in my next blog post! I love ordering from them! Even more so now that I’m in the UK for this semester! Stay tuned for that!



After a very annoying couple of days dealing with the delivery crowd in Belfast I finally got my comics from last week! For some reason they had issues reading the number on my parcel but had no issue putting the missed you sign in my post box!

So on with the comics!

I’m so excited for these!

Goldie Vance is such a good series and I can’t wait to catch up on it.

Jem and the holograms was a favourite of mine but with the change in artists it might be the time that I give up on it. I really don’t want to but it’s hard to focus on the story when you really dislike the new art. Is there anyone else having that problem?


Another wonderful series! I highly recommend this one. The story is so interesting and it’s definitely a favourite.


I adore Paper Girls and I again it’s another favourite. I need to catch up but I’m excited to read it this week. Another Castle is one I haven’t read in a while and I believe this is the last issue. Clearly time for a binge read all round!


I’ve heard that Batgirl is picking up so I’m very excited to read it this week!


And now for what I believe is the best series to come out of DC Rebirth! I adored the rebirth issue and the first issue. Apparently I didn’t have it on my pull list!! I know crazy! Thankfully the people at The Big Bang are amazing and fixed that right away. I’m super hyped about reading more from this wonderful series!


So that’s me for last months pull. I’m hoping to go to Dundrum next month so I’ll actually be able to pick up my comics in person. Super excited for that!

What was your recent NCBD like? I’d love to know what you’re reading!


Lush Reading Week Haul

Reading week is now upon me and I can finally take a partial breather! I have a lot to get done for college but I’m happy to get a chance to go home for a week. It’s nearly 5 hours away so coming home this semester wasn’t really worth it for just a weekend. I’m glad that this week has given me the chance to see my family and just do some reflection.

Of course knowing I was heading home also meant getting the chance to use our bath so a trip to Lush was much needed.

Here are some of the items I picked up!


Top left clockwise: So White, Never Mind the Ballistics, Tangled, Northern Lights, Shoot for the Stars, Fairy Dust

I got four bath bombs, more Fairy Dust and Tangled (a hot oil hair treatment).

I decided to get ones that I had never tried before and I can’t wait to use them!

Fairy Dust is one of these products I had already used. I have a bottle in my house in Belfast. I’m obsessed with it. One of the things that I love the most about Lush is that they produce a lot of multi-use items. Fairy Dust is one of their dusting powders with their Christmas scent Snow Fairy.

Here are a few ways that you can use it!

  • Dust it on yourself for a shimmer, especially great after a shower!
  • On your sheets before you sleep. It smells amazing.
  • In your dryer
  • On your carpet before you hoover (a Lush employee told me that one)
  • As a dry shampoo
  • Face powder
  • Instead of a perfume
  • On top of body/hand lotion to get rid of sticky feeling

I’d love to know how you use it though! I’m pretty obsessed with the Fairy Dust dusting powder. It definitely makes me feel festive!

I’ve never tried any of these particular bath bombs before so I’m really excited! I will be posting pictures over on Instagram so keep an eye out there!

I adore bath bombs from Lush! Some of my favourites are: Dragon’s Egg, Intergalactic and Sex Bomb. They are all so good! I also really recommend their bubble bars. They are quite different from the bath bombs as you need to break them up and run them under the tap. They do produce a lot of bubbles and you don’t have to use up the full bar. I get at least 3 baths out of one if I try. You could probably use even less than I do. The comforter is my favourite and I always try to have one at home!

I’ve been having issues with my hair since I’ve moved to Belfast. While it’s always tangled badly it’s definitely at it’s worst. I picked up this hot oil treatment hoping that it will help!

Fingers crossed!


So are you as crazy about Lush as I am? What are your favourite products?