2017: Another post about how I want to do better in the new year!

2016 wasn’t the best year, and it’s still not over!

Not only did someone like Donald Trump manage to become President but so many people lost their lives far too early. It hasn’t been an easy year for me either. Not all has been negative though. I’m somehow still in college (touches wood). I’m still working on stuff that’s due next month so pray I get through that! I have some great friends and made some new ones too. I moved to Belfast for a semester and roomed with a really nice American girl who actually shared some of my interests.That doesn’t happen too often! I actually had someone who got what references I was making and watched anime with me! Belfast was great though I really should have went to classes more! I had fun there regardless so I should have plenty to say writing my report!

But back to 2017! I know I wrote a post last year and knowing me I didn’t do either any of it or if I did do something it was one or two things. You should never feel guilty if you don’t tick off every box. This year I’m taking things a little bit slower. My list this year will include some hard things but also things that are doable! Let’s start!


  • Work harder in college (I’m doing ok but I want to do better!)
  • Read more! (I want to read more actual books and more for colllege too. I’m setting my Goodreads reading challenge at 200 this year!)
  • Write everyday (this will be a tough one but I’m going to try my best!)
  • Get better at photography (I want my instagram and general photos to be better this year!)
  • Update blog at least once a week (another tough one but I really want to work on making this blog better!)
  • Volunteer, make my CV better and get a job!
  • Lose weight, be more healthy
  • Wear cuter clothes! Try to come up with outfits outside of jeans and t-shirts
  • Take up new hobbies!

I want to do better this year but in a way that I can actually do it without feeling overwhelmed! I want to become a better person this year too. I may add to this during the year and hopefully 2017 will be a better year. But we can only make that happen by being better people!

I wish everyone good luck and I hope you have a fantastic new year!