Funko Pop Haul Update!

Another thing that I love to collect would have to be Funko Pops! I’m pretty obsessed!

Here are some of the ones that I purchased over the last couple of months!


As you can see I love my Disney and Harry Potter pops! I try to only collect characters that I really love or it can get a bit too much! I already have limited space to display the ones that I own already but I have so many still on my wishlist. I was happy to finally get some of these!

I loved these new Disney Princess pops and managed to get 2 from the wave. I need to get Belle next! I don’t own that many Disney Princess pops, most of mine are from Frozen. (I have 6 of those!).


I manged to get my last Sailor Senshi! I’m really excited for the next wave of these!

I also love the Belle pop from OUAT. I picked up both of these at Forbidden Planet. I love her character in OUAT and she is one of my favourite Disney Princess’s. I can’t wait for the live action pops coming out!


Do you collect Funko Pops? I have nearly 70 now which is crazy. I started collecting them over a year ago! There are still so many that I want!


Disney Store Haul!

So this is a catch up post of stuff that I bought over the last couple of months and stuff that was gifted to me from Disney!

If you want to keep up to date as I’m terrible at blogging my instagram is updated a lot more!

Now on to the haul!

As anyone knows I’m obsessed with the Disney Store. They do the cutest items and in my opinion the better quality ones too.

My favourite thing overall to buy from the Disney Store would be their mugs. They are definitely the best quality mugs I own. I buy way too many but I love each one. The Chip cup below is just a kids plastic one but he was too cute to resist. I hope to one day own the proper version of him and Mrs Potts!

I also love the animator doll collection that they did. I don’t have enough space so the mini versions were perfect additions to my collection! They were also on sale too!

Below is a glass tumbler that I got with Belle on one side and the Beast on the other. It was too beautiful for me to pass on. I use it a lot too! Trying to keep my water intake up.

You may have seen the mugs from another blog post I did but I thought I’d mention them here too. I bought these when I moved up to Belfast. I love this Princess collection! I eventually got the Snow White one too! They have new Princess mugs out at the moment and I hope to get those soon.

The Mad Hatter mug was a gift from my sister and I love it! It actually holds the perfect amount of tea too! I love Alice in Wonderland and while I like the Tim Burton one, it doesn’t hold a candle to the animated version.

Tsums are one of my many weaknesses! They are just so cute! In case you couldn’t tell, my favourite character is Marie! I love her so much! I have a corner in my room filled with Marie things. I need to take a photo of my collection soon!

I was very lucky and was gifted the Aurora animator doll! It was really high on my wishlist for Christmas and I didn’t want to buy one due to space and my family already think I’m crazy for buying so many toys! Thankfully some kind spirit bought her for me. They even got me the beautiful set of animator figures below too.

So does anyone else have an addiction to the Disney Store? What are your favourite things to buy and collect from there?

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Lime Crime: Black Friday haul

A much over due post (and many to come!)

I bought a couple of things from Lime Crime during their sale. I love their products!

Again this is a brand that knows what they are doing with their packaging. It’s always so on point!


I managed to pick up a couple of things including:

  • Cupid Velvetine
  • Squash Velvetine
  • New Yolk City Unicorn Lipstick
  • Venus 2 palette

Some of the Velvetine’s were reduced and I got both of these for $15 (Cupid was 10 and Squash was 5!). I also picked up the New Yolk City lipstick as it was under $3! How could I resist? I hoping to use it to mix with other colours. I’m not brave enough for yellow lips!

I love the formula of these lipsticks. The velvetine’s last when applied properly and I love the colours! I need to get more in the future.

I already own Venus 1 and though I was hoping to get the gift set with both of them, I gave in and bought Venus 2. I definitely prefer the red tones of Venus 1 but these colours are beautiful too! I’m hoping to get better at using make-up in the new year so keep an eye out on my instagram!


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Too Faced Haul

My Too Faced order finally arrived. I used the American website as they have an option to pay a customs fee upfront which I liked. It’s much cheaper than what they would probably charge too. Too Faced products are starting to come into Ireland but they haven’t got a great selection as of yet (though I managed to get one of the Christmas palettes in Dublin). When I heard they were releasing the Peach Palette and making it permanent I decided to give in and buy it. It looked super cute and their Christmas palette was already becoming one of my favourites.


On to the haul!


One of the reasons that I fell in love with not just this palette but Too Faced as a brand was the packaging. It’s so cute! I love any brand that takes time to not only make a great product but also work so hard on their packaging.

The palette itself is quite sturdy and the peach scent is just right, not overpowering at all!

I also picked up one of the mini blush sets as it was on offer. I’ve wanted to try their blushes and Melted lipsticks for a while but they are on the pricey side.

The order also included two samples and I was pleased to see that they were actually decent sized too! I chose the Better than Sex mascara and the Hangover Face Primer. I already love the mascara but I’m looking forward to trying the primer out as I’ve been meaning to get a new one!

Once I’ve tried everything I will edit this post and let you know how I find everything!

Have you tried anything from this brand? If so I’d love to hear your recommendations below! I really want to try their foundation and concealer next. I’m quite pale so some foundation shades tend to be too dark on me.