Book Haul: Comics and manga

Since I recently updated my collection I decided to do a quick shop online to fill more gaps that I had!

The Walking Dead is one of my favourite comics and I’m finally up to date with the trades!

I just needed volume 21 and the newest volume 27! I’m hoping to re-read the series and finally catch up!


Manga, at least when you’re not buying it, tends to quickly add up! I’m behind on many series so I’m trying to avoid starting new ones! In this haul I bought the newer volumes of Blue Exorcist and Kimi ni todoke. Both of these are really good though I will need to refresh my memory with a re-read. One of my favourite things about manga is that they are so easy to re-read and they tend to be more fun to do that with too!


Saga is a comic that I will always recommend and I finally have the newest volume!


And finally from this haul I also picked up Lady Killer volume 1! I’m super excited to read this. The art looks great and the story line is very interesting!



There are only a few series that I’m really hoping to update soon. I’m about 5 volumes behind in Attack on titan so I need to update that soon! I’m also hoping to get the newest volume of Giant Days! It’s such a good series!


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