Lime Crime Haul Part 1!

I am so excited to share this haul with you!

Recently Lime Crime released new eyeshadow palettes inspired by Polly Pocket, a toy that I used to collect growing up. I loved them and still do tbh! I knew that I had to get them!

They arrived pretty quickly and are even better than I imagined!

I bought all three since they came in a bundle together and worked out cheaper.

I also picked up a velvetine, in the shade Prairie which imo are the best liquid lipsticks I own. It’s a super pretty pink colour!

These came really well packaged and in two separate boxes in another box! The palettes were also wrapped in bubble wrap, which btw is pink! The boxes that you get are reversible and I like to keep them for storage!


The palettes are called: Bubblegum (Blue), Pink Lemonade (Yellow) and Sugar Plum (Pink). They are quite sturdy and the pans were bigger than I was expecting! They all come with a really nice mirror which is super handy!

The shades are so nice and I love that seem to go really well each other! I am a sucker for cute packaging but the shadows that Lime Crime do are some of my favourites. Their first Venus palette is hands down my favourite!



You may have noticed that I said part 1 in the title, well Lime Crime had 20 per cent off their website after I made this order and not only that but their cute makeup brushes were restocked and included in the sale! I am so excited to finally have them and at a cheaper price! They are so cute! I also added two more velvetines to my order, in the shades Pumpkin and Red Rose! I can’t wait to try them out when they arrive! I love with my new hair colour trying darker lip colours! Especially for Autumn!

So what do you think of these palettes? Was anyone a big Polly Pocket fan too?

I’d also love to hear what makeup do you like during Autumn? Does your look transition too?


Lush Haul!

It’s been a while since my last post and since my last Lush haul! I recently went to Cork with my parents and sister and of course took the chance to visit the Lush store there. It’s such a nice store and the staff were super friendly and helpful! I picked up a few bath products but I also wanted to try out the new jelly face mask!



I picked up a bunch of bath bombs and a bubble bar!

The Comforter bubble bar is one of my favourite products from Lush. It’s so handy as you can break it up and use it at least 3 times which makes it worth it imo! It also smells so good! There was a shower cream with the scent but it was one of the most recent items to be discontinued!

Some of these bath bombs were being discontinued too which was one of the main reasons for this haul. I wanted to get Frozen but sadly they didn’t have it!

The bath bombs I got that were being discontinued were: Lava Lamp and Blackberry. I had tried Lava Lamp in the past and loved it but I had never tried Blackberry before so when I saw it I had to have it!

The others are still in the store!

Over and Over, Avobath, Intergalactic and Think Pink!

Out of these I’ve tried all them bar Think Pink which was a recent release.



I am a huge fan of face masks and I adore the ones from Lush. When I heard they were bringing out new ones that were called Jelly masks I had to give them a try! I actually had this one on mind and it was tested on my hand by one of the Lush employee’s in Cork. It was really smooth and left my skin feel great. When you go to wash it off that’s when you feel the small exfoliates in the product. They aren’t harsh and left my skin feeling soft! I can’t wait to try this out on my face!


Check out my instagram where I post whenever I use a bath bomb if you want to see what they look like in action! I just recently used Blackberry and Intergalactic! Here’s a screenshot above from my instagram of Blackberry! I also recently tried out another brand called Miss Patisserie who are another UK brand who also do Vegan and Cruelty free bath products! You can get them from their website and from Boots!

I am super excited for the new Halloween and Christmas stock so keep an eye out for another haul! Yes I have a problem!

What are you sad to see leave? Any of the new releases catch your eye?