Top Comics for Girls!

Happy International Day for Girls!

Inspired by a video by Geekerella (whose channel I highly recommend if you love comics as much as I do!) I decided to write out my favourite comics for girls! Again like she did I have to put a disclaimer saying that anyone can read these and overall you can read anything but these comics are typically geared towards females and have a strong female cast! I think any gender should read these!

I also understand that for some females it’s not easy walking  into a comic book store and asking for suggestions. Some stores just plain up ignore their customers, female or male and some just find it so odd you’re there. One I know even posted a photo of females in the store as an almost proof that we do in fact buy comics. It was so odd! Sometimes even other customers will make me feel uncomfortable! As someone who has to travel for any comic book store I generally tend to end up going to them right before a Lolita meet up so I think dressing differently has its ups and downs in a comic book store.

I will say that if you live in Ireland or ever end up travelling here one store that I will recommend and the place where I get my single issues is The Big Bang in Dundrum. They not only have a great selection of comics but are the nicest staff that I’ve ever met and spoken to. They make it so easy for me to email them about my pull list and I never feel like I can’t ask something without being judged. Highly recommend them if you’re ever unsure!

Also there are so many fantastic female lead comics so this might be long but also it may not cover everything! I will write another list in the future but check out my goodreads and instagram to see what comics I buy and read! Let me know in the comments below which you liked or if there are any I didn’t include that you love let me know about them!

Now on to the comics!

I’m going to start off with superheroes and the big two: DC and Marvel!

One of my favourite superheroes is Batgirl! I can pretty much talk all day about how much I love her! She’s badass and super smart. With a lot of comics one thing some people find hard about them is not knowing where to start so I’ll include where I think you should throughout!

With Batgirl I highly recommend Gail Simone’s run as your starting point. There are five volumes to her run and Gail is such a fantastic writer! She does Batgirl great justice in these volumes!

With the popularity of DC Superhero Girls among younger girls this would be a great one for them to read once they hit their teens. DC Superhero Girls is a great stepping stone for younger girls to get into comics. Though not going to lie I do collect the dolls!

This series does continue into the run done by Babs Tarr, Cameron Stewart and Brendan Fletcher and then into DC Rebirth. It’s definitely one of the easier series to read as it never fully reboots back to the beginning but can be read as a full story.

Outside of Barbara Gordon, both other Batgirls (Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown) have comics that are being reprinted! I highly recommend picking up their trades if you want more Batgirl!



Black Canary is a character that some of you might be familiar with due to the tv show Arrow. This is a slightly different version but I think you’ll like her too!

Dinah Lance in this version of the Black Canary is not only a badass when it comes to her fighting skills but she is a fantastic singer in a rock band! What’s so great about this is they actually recorded songs and made 2 EP’s for this band (which you can buy!) They are a mix of new songs written by the author and covers too!

She also makes an appearance in new issues of Batgirl and stars in the, best comic of DC Rebirth imo, Batgirl and the Birds of Prey!



Harley Quinn is another DC female character that a lot of people will know. Whether they know her from any of the animated series (she’s also a feature character on DC Superhero Girls) or even from the latest superhero movie Suicide Squad, she’s a staple female DC character! The new 52 is always a great stepping point for people to get into any character but I do highly recommend it for Harley. It’s such a fun series that even continues into her DC Rebirth issues!

Harley Quinn, Vol. 1: Hot in the City


Now onto Marvel! Marvel comics has had quite a few female characters over the years but even more so recently. Here are a few that I’ve read and loved!

Ms Marvel has to be one of my favourite female Marvel superheroes! Kamala Khan’s run being my absolute favourite. It’s a great series and the storyline and art are great! Kamala gets her powers by accident and ends up becoming the new Ms Marvel. She’s also a fangirl of superheroes, even writing Avengers fan fiction in her spare time. I adore her character! Not only is she funny and awkward but also just so relatable. It’s how I imagine one of us, a fan, reacting to getting powers.

Ms Marvel caused a bit of a controversy when it was first released due to Kamala being Muslim. I initially picked it up because of that to be honest. I really loved the first volume and meeting her family. I feel like I learned a bit about the Muslim faith from reading this. It’s a series that I would highly recommend! It’s also written by a Muslim woman!



The Mighty Thor was a comic that I was super excited for and totally lived up to my expectations. I liked Thor as a character but to be honest I never read any of his comics. When I heard that this was coming out, a female Thor, I knew I had to give it a go. I fell in love! While I’m sure we all know who she is I won’t spoil it in case you managed to avoid spoilers till now! She is a great character and I’m still hoping she’ll make her movie appearance. Hey a girl can dream!


Spider Gwen was my very first single issue that I bought (I was gifted issue 35 of Batgirl by a wonderful friend) and was my first time ordering from The Big Bang in Dundrum! They were fantastic in helping me and I even ordered it for a friend of mine who wanted to give it a try too. I really loved this. It’s set in an alternative universe to the Spider-Man we know. In this world it’s not Peter Parker who is bitten by the spider but Gwen Stacey! In this version she becomes Spider Woman (titled as Spider Gwen as we have a Spider Woman in the regular universe!). Peter later becomes obsessed with wanting to help Gwen which leads him to become this universes version of the lizard and sadly he ends up dying. This isn’t a spoiler but a back story! Gwen is then accused of killing him by the police and she as Spider Woman isn’t seen in a positive light the way our Spider Man was. It’s very good and I adore Gwen! Mary Jane also makes an appearance in band! Gwen made her first appearance in the regular Spider Man comics in the arc Spider Verse which was when Spider Men of different universes were being targeted and she teamed up with a couple of different versions to help. This was so popular it led to her having her own series! And yes one universe even had their very own Spider Pig!


Of course there are other comics out there other than superhero comics and other than DC/Marvel! Here are a few that I would recommend that are either both or are a different kind of superhero!

Lumberjanes is such a fun and great series. It has an all female main cast. It’s set “Miss Qiunzilla Thiskwin Penniquiqul Thistle Crumpet’s camp for hard-core lady-types” and features a cast of girls who go to this camp. Kinda like girl scouts! They are all such entertaining characters and this series also showcases some diversity. Jo, one of the main girls, is trans while two of the main girls are in a relationship with each other. It’s a series that I really think a lot of people will enjoy and I came across it due to booktube!


Giant Days is one of my favourite series at the moment. It follows the lives of three University students in England, Susan, Esther and Daisy. It’s such a relatable series. If you’ve been to University or are currently attending then you should see yourself or friends in this. I love the girls in this comic and how their friendship develops.


Paper Girls is a comic set in the 1980’s and centres around a group of young girls who are paper girls. It’s a time when paper boys are more common and it mentions their struggle to get the job they have and to be taken seriously. There is also a bit of a sci-fi element to this series with time travel too!


Misfit City is centred on a group of young girls who live in Cannon Cove, the place that only becomes known because they filmed The Gloomies there. However that’s the only thing that seems exciting about their town until they find an old pirates map and this starts off a fun adventure story!


Motor Crush is an original comic by the trio that did Batgirl of Burnside: Babs Tarr, Brendan Fletcher and Cameron Stewart. I was super excited when I heard that they would be working on something together again and I was blown away by this story. It’s about a woman named Domino who is a famous Motocross rider. Not only is she a bad ass female character but she’s also a POC and a lesbian! It’s a fantastic series so far with great representation.


Jem and the Holograms is a great cartoon but also now a fantastic comic! The art is fab and again this is another comic with great representation of not only LGBT characters but also people of different sizes! It was interesting to see someone who looked like me in a comic book. If you loved the tv show I think you’ll also enjoy this. They also released a spin-off with The Misfits as main characters and it was really interesting to see their perspective for a change.




That’s all for this post but it’s not all that’s out there. There are so many great comics that I love that feature some great female characters and I do plan on writing more of these posts in you’re interested.

Let me know in the comments below what female characters you love in comics, be it a superhero or not!



Book Mail!

I recently did a book order online once I realised that new manga had come out! Hoping to do another one soon as Food Wars volume 20 is out and I do need it!

Book mail is one of my favourite types of mail, in case you couldn’t tell from my instagram. It reminds me of being a kid and ordering books from school. We used to get this small catalogue that we could buy books from and they would arrive in school. I remember how excited I got when the huge box would arrive and I knew that I had books in it! So thanks to my mom for letting me buy way too many. We never had that much money but I’m always grateful to her for supporting my reading habit!

Princess Jellyfish was a fantastic anime,I really do recommend it if you haven’t seen it. And I’m so happy that Kodansha not only printed it in English but recently announced that they will be doing the whole series! The manga recently finished in Japan so it will be fully printed in English early next year! They also recently announced they are doing a print version of Tokyo Tararba Girls! They have a kindle version and I’m loving the live action tv show so I’m super happy that I can get it in print version!

It’s by the same author of Princess Jellyfish btw!

I also picked up this comic memoir called Spinning. It’s about a time in the authors life when she used to ice skate and when she discovered she was gay. It was a really good read! I read it pretty much straight away. The art is really good and works really well with the storyline. It’s sad in parts for sure but you really feel something while reading it. As someone who still is unsure about her sexuality it was interesting to read from a perspective of someone who seems more sure.



Boruto is a really fun series! I really enjoyed the movie and I’m currently watching the anime on crunchyroll. As someone who spent about 10 years collecting Naruto (yes I own 72 volumes of that) it’s so weird still to see a series out about his son. It makes me feel old and oddly proud. This is volume 2 of hopefully not another 72 volumes!

And finally for this haul the newest volume of Kimi ni Todoke! This is volume 27! I really liked the anime and love the manga so far. I do need to catch up a little bit but I had to get the newest volume. Am I the only one who feels oddly satisfied when you are up to date on a series? It’s such a cute story and I highly recommend checking out either the anime or manga if you can!




Any recent book mail that you’ve received? Or are there any books coming out soon that you are excited for? Let me know in the comments below!


September #ncbd

Here’s my haul from my pull list from last month!

I also picked up two short boxes, I know finally right?

I want to take some photos of them so keep an eye out on my instagram! I got a Harley Quinn one and a Marvel Generations one. They look great and hold about 150 comics each!

Now on to the comics! There’s quite a bit here but it is a whole month of releases after all!

First up are two beautiful covers by the wonderful Babs Tarr! I adore Motor Crush! It’s such a fun story but there is also a lot of emotion behind it too. My favourite Batgirl team are the people behind it too! I highly recommend this!

When I saw the cover for this I had to get it! I love DC Bombshells! They are super cute! (and super sexy tbh). I have some of the other DC Bombshells series and this is the first issue into a new series! I’m really excited to see where this goes though I’m still unsure whether to add it to my pull or wait for the trades. Single issues take up a lot of space!


DC Comics are certainly taking a large space in my pull nowadays. Batgirl in case you couldn’t tell is my favourite super hero! I’m a bit behind in all my comics but I will say that these are my favourite comics from DC Rebirth especially Batgirl and the Birds of Prey. I can’t wait to catch up and read these over reading week!



Jem and the holograms is such a great comic book series and it’s been made even better! I also love that we get more story for The Misfits and really see them from their own point of view. I feel like while I love the cartoon I never really got their perspective in the same way I do from these comics. Also I love Stormer! She’s so cute and you don’t understand how great it is as a plus size female to see someone like me in a comic. She also looks fab and is gay!


Snotgirl bar the cool stuff is literally my life! I suffer from bad hayfever and dust allergies so it’s pretty much my story! It’s literally about a fashion blogger who has bad allergies and I love it! The art is so cute!!

In case you also didn’t know, one thing that I love a lot has to be magical girls! Zodiac Starforce was such a good series and I was so happy when they announced they were doing more! I love the characters and I’m so excited to see where this will go!


Misfit City is quite similar to the Goonies but all girls! It’s really fun so far and the art is super cute! I’ve gotten really into all female lead comics! Lumberjanes, Paper Girls, Giant Days and Goldie Vance to name a couple off the top of my head that aren’t listed here already. There are so many great titles out right now that I really recommend if you’re looking for comics with awesome female characters!

Oddly enough while I love female superheroes I’ve never read The Runaways before. I’ve been meaning to for way too long! And even better my favourite author Rainbow Rowell is writing this series now! I mean I had to give it a shot and it’s been a while since something by Marvel was in my pull!




I’d love to know what you picked up recently for New Comic Book Day! Let me know what series you’re currently reading!

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Lime Crime Haul: Part 2!

I have to admit the shipping time with Lime Crime has gotten pretty excellent! I’ve never had an issues in the past and now it’s actually faster than shipping I’ve had from the UK!


This is a small order but was done due to Lime Crime having 20 per cent off on their website! They had just restocked their makeup brushes that I had wanted for ages and they were also included in the sale! Even better!

The brushes even came with a make up bag for storage! I have to admit after hearing people complain about these I was so happy with the quality. These are pretty damn good solid brushes and I love them! They are so pretty and I can’t wait to use them! They have a clear liquid in the brush handles and cute confetti inside. The bag is the same! They are super soft and feel really sturdy!


I also picked up two velvetines that were in the sale! In the shades Pumpkin and Red Rose. These were shades that I wanted to try and I feel like I’m getting more bold with darker shades due to my hair colour change! I’m loving both of these!

Pumpkin is a deep orange shade perfect for the Autumn season! Red Rose is a pinky red which I’m hoping to wear a lot around Christmas too!



I’d love to know what kind of makeup you enjoy wearing during this time of the year? I love being stereotypical and I get really into Oranges and Reds especially as the Autumn season starts and all the trees leaves change colours!

Are there any makeup releases you’re looking forward to this season? Let me know in the comments below! I’m always excited for new releases!