Meraki Candles Haul: Part 1

I finally decided to buy some bookish candles! I see these pop up on Instagram quite a lot and love how they look in photos. A lot of these companies are actually American but I came across Meraki Candles on etsy and they ship from Scotland. I had to buy some. I had these shipped to my addresspal (kinda like a PO box) but I think with the wait time I may just ship them to my actual Irish address in the future.

The candles that I bought were Chaol and The Burrow. Chaol being one of my favourite characters from the Throne of Glass books and The Burrow being the home of the Weasly family from Harry Potter.

Chaol is described as smelling of books and hazelnut coffee while The Burrow smells of Banana nut bread. They both smell amazing. I’m not very good at describing scents but they both are exactly what they offer. Chaol reminds me of being in a coffee shop with a good book and The Burrow smells exactly like freshly baked banana bread. I’m so excited to burn them over the holidays. Especially as I have a lot of reading I want to do and these will be perfect to burn in the background. I would so recommend these candles. Keep an eye out on instagram for when I burn them and I will let you know how they compare then!

I also included some bookish photos I took including the candles below!

Are bookish candles something you like? I’d love to know if you’ve tried them before!


5 thoughts on “Meraki Candles Haul: Part 1

    1. They are both so cosy! I’m in love! I really like how they look in photos which is the main reason I caved! But I also adore candles so it’s a win win! Exactly! I adore reading in coffee shops. Especially when they have a good music soundtrack!

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      1. No these are actually my first ones! I do buy candles in general. I found a lot of companies were American before I found this one. So I can’t really compare with others. I do really like these. I haven’t burned them yet but they are quite popular. I really like Chaol’s one out of the ones I’ve bought (I have a part 2 to this post coming up next week!) I think it depends on what scents you like! I tried to pick ones that had scents I knew I liked plus were related to books I liked.

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