Book Haul!

So I’ve noticed when catching up with posts there are some books that I got recently that I never blogged about! So here’s a random mash of books that I bought that I really want to share! I’m also hoping to do a mini haul once Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card volume 1 comes out!


On with the books!

The first book that I’m going to mention first is Tower of Dawn by Sarah J Maas! I’m a huge fan of her and the Throne of Glass books so I’m really excited for this! This is technically a novella of sorts with the POV being Chaols. I really liked his character and I’m hoping to reread Throne of Glass over the holidays during some sort of readathon as I’m behind in the series. I never finished Heir of Fire and I do own Queen of Shadows and Empire of Storms so it’s time to marathon them. Especially with the last book of this series coming out at the start of next year. Isn’t the cover so beautiful though? I even saw the hardback version while I was in Limerick and it was even more stunning but a bit too pricey, especially for a book I already had!

I’ve been wanting to get more into comics so I also recently picked up more volumes from the DC Rebirth range! I got the first volumes of The Flash and Batman. I’m really excited to give this  a read! I’m a huge fan of superhero comics and I’ve been reading some of the Rebirth series through single issues. I’d love more recommendations by the way! I’m hoping to get more from the DC Rebirth series. I have some of the Harley Quinn and Suicide Squad single issues, and I regularly get Batgirl and Batgirl and the birds of prey monthly!

One of my most anticipated reads from DC Rebirth though is the next on my haul here! I bought the first issue digitally to see how I’d like it and I loved it! I actually bought this through the comic book store I get my single issues from! Super Sons is such a fun read and I love how the sons of Batman and Superman interact with each other.

I’m super excited for this next title! John Green recently released a new book and even if I wasn’t interested in the story I couldn’t pass it up for the cover alone. Yes I do judge books by their cover! It’s so beautiful and I’ve heard really good things about the story too. I’m building up a rather large tbr for Christmas.

The next title had some mixed reviews and I can understand that being from a youtuber can do that. I mostly bought it as it sounded like a cute read and the cover was so damn cute. I do have a problem with cute covers clearly! Even if I don’t like this I got some cute photos out of it! I will be posting a review once I read this just due to the mixed reviews I’m interested in seeing how I’ll like it. I think it might end up being a title that I would have loved as a teenager though!


That’s it for right now! I plan on blogging a lot more during the holidays so if there’s anything you’d like to see more of let me know! Or if there’s posts I haven’t done and you’re interested in them leave some suggestions below! Thanks!


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