Fairyloot Febuary 2018 Box

I am way too excited about this post! This is my first Fairyloot box (and my first box in general!)

While I admit the one major negative to this box is how long it takes! It’s meant to be a February box but doesn’t get shipped out till the 20th of that month? The March box has already been released and sold out, while I was tempted by it I couldn’t see the point in investing in a 2nd box while I hadn’t even gotten my first. What was the point in that? In my opinion this box should be shipped out ahead so that you get it somewhere at the start of every month it’s meant for! (Or at the very least before that month ends!)

Now on to the box!


What came in the box:

  • The Hazel Wood (signed by the author plus a note from the author) (Side note this book also came with Owl Crate which sucks for people who get more than one box)
  • Red Riding Hood Wooden bookmark by Ink and Wonder
  • Candle, The Hinterland (Oakmoss and Tea Leaves) by Wick and Fable
  • Fairytale mug
  • Posion Apple bath salts
  • Socks

The box itself was bigger than I was expecting. All the items were well contained, the mug came in a small box too. This was my first Fairy Loot box and while I am tempted to eventually get another one day, this was very expensive for what I got. I can for sure see the appeal of these boxes but it also wasn’t what I was expecting. I have heard from people who buy their boxes that this wasn’t a great box compared to most in the past.

I am happy with a lot of the items in here. I’ve been wanting one of these bookmarks for a while and the bath salts smell quite nice.

For anyone else who got this box or are interested in Fairy Loot I’d love to hear your thoughts about it!




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Meraki Candle Haul

I’m so sad that this will be my very last Meraki Candle haul as the etsy shop will be closing at the end of 2017. I wish Heather the very best for the future! I love these candles and it will be sad to see one of the very few UK based candle stores go.

I managed to pick up two, in the scents Fireworks and Heartrender.

They took so long to get here though! I ordered these in December and I believe they were shipped in January but didn’t arrive till this week (in February). That’s way too long.

The Fireworks candle is described as smelling of candy floss! That sounded so good to me and I had been meaning to pick it up!

It for sure has a sweet scent but I’m not sure I would describe it as candy floss. I am excited to light it.

The Heartrender candle is the main reason I did this order. I had seen it on their instagram and it sounded so good. So when I did this order and noticed it under their buy one get one half price sale I had to get it. It’s described as smelling of waffles, strawberries and french vanilla. So in other words heaven!

After getting this one I was sad to discover there was no smell of waffles or vanilla just ok strawberry. For sure disappointed in this one. I am interested to see if they appear when I burn it.


Book Haul!

I recently picked up some new books so I’d thought I’d share!

One of the first books is one that I’ve been wanting to read for a while now. Everyone was talking about the previous book and when I spotted this one out in town I had to get it. I’m really interested in seeing what this is like and how it lives up to the hype I’ve heard about it! It’s a book of modern poetry and I’m trying to read more different types of literature this year.

The next book in this haul is the last book in The Queen of the Tearling trilogy (which I haven’t read yet). I’m hoping to binge read this during ayearathon next month!

I can’t describe The Fate of the Tearling (by Erika Johansen) without giving some sort of spoilers or even spoiling the series for myself. But here’s a quick description of the first book.

Another book that’s been on my tbr since I first heard of it and one that I spotted out on my journey into town. There’s Someone Inside Your House by Stephanie Perkins is about a girl called Makani Young who has moved to Nebraska and at her school students are being murdered. It sounds like it would make a really good movie or tv series so I’m really excited to read this! It’s a little different from what I normally read.

One of my most anticipated reads of 2018 is The Cruel Prince by Holly Black. I’ve heard about this on instagram a lot and was super hyped to pick it up. I’m for sure reading this during one of the readathons coming up!


Book Haul (featuring one of my most anticipated reads in almost 20 years!)

Yes you didn’t read that wrong. In. Almost. 20. Years.

I grew up watching a show called Cardcaptors (Cardcaptor Sakura) and would wake up every Saturday for 7am to watch new episodes on tv. I was so excited about it. It wasn’t until I was a teenager that I truly discovered what it was, anime. I didn’t read the manga till later on as it wasn’t easy to find at the time. But when I did get it, once Kodansha re-released it in a beautiful omnibus format, I fell in love with Sakura and her friends again. Now so long after watching the show and even reading it, Clamp have written a sequel series! I was so happy! There’s also an anime being released next month and will be streamed on Crunchyroll! I can’t wait!

Here is the first volume of Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card. I always try to support series that I love, which is why I do buy single issues. I never read manga online, it’s not only not great to read online (at least for me) but it’s also better to buy and support the writers and the artists of something you love. I saw that people were postings scans from the magazine in Japan that were publishing the chapters and translating them but I didn’t see the point in reading them. I like to wait for the volumes to come out and read them when I buy them.

Another series that I’m in love with and always try to buy is Princess Jellyfish! I was so happy back when they announced that they were releasing this in English (after Japanese it was also released in Italian and French). I adored the anime and even bought it on DVD which I don’t do often due to the cost. The manga just recently finished in Japan so I can’t wait to have the complete series!

This is volume 7 (it’s an omnibus with 2 volumes) .

Next up is the newest volume of Lumberjanes! A series set at camp about girl scouts who end up in magical situations. I’m so in love with this series and I love that it actually has great representation of POC and the LGBT community. I can’t wait to read this! Highly recommended by me! I adore the art too!

The next volume is Attack on Titan. This is another great series, though I’ve fallen behind in reading it so I’m looking forward to catching up. I also really recommend the anime if you haven’t seen it!

So Food Wars is another manga series that I’m a huge fan of! I always try to buy it close after it comes out online. It’s such a good series! I really recommend the anime! It’s a very intense cooking anime and manga, the food looks so good too. The Fine Bros actually did a challenge on their YouTube channel involving the food from this anime so I’d go watch it if you’re interested in seeing what the food looks like in real life. There are also people who recreate the dishes online!

And finally that’s my haul! It took about a week for me to get everything after it was all shipped out! Got the last part today! I’m so excited to get a lot of reading done before the year ends!


Meraki Candles Haul: Part 2

I had to do another order when Meraki Candles put up a buy one get one half price offer and it  included a candle I really wanted that had sold out, Draco (Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter who also happens to be one of my favourite characters!). I also picked up Reading by the Fireside which I’m really looking forward to lighting during Christmas.

Draco is described as smelling of chocolate and peppermint while Reading by the fire is described as smelling of white chocolate cookies.

I was really excited to try the Draco candle and I’m so happy with how it smells in real life. I’m a huge fan of mint chocolate and this smells heavenly! Reading by the fire is one I am looking forward to burning while literally reading by the fire. It smells sweet and reminds me of when I bake cookies. I’m very happy with both of these!

I will be burning these over the holidays so keep an eye out on my instagram for posts about how well they burn. I’m really excited!

I’m pretty obsessed with bookish merchandise in case you couldn’t tell! What are some of your favourite types of bookish merch that you’ve bought or even have in your wishlist?

I also love mugs, bookmarks and Funko Pops!


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Forbidden Planet Dublin Haul!

I was up in Dublin recently and of course had to make my stop at Forbidden Planet. They’ve had a lot of work done to the store and it’s looking great! Highly recommend that you check it out if haven’t!

I love going to comic book stores! I don’t get the chance to do it as often as I’d like since I live primarily in the South and we really don’t have any (Cork does but Tipperary and Limerick are where I am and we don’t). I also much prefer buying comics and merchandise when I can in comic book stores over book stores when I can afford to. My favourite stores that I’ve been to so far are Forbidden Planet in Dublin (the Belfast store wasn’t quite the same) and of course The Big Bang in Dundrum. I do really need to make another visit there at some point. They are so lovely and if I lived in Dublin I would go so often.

On with the haul!

I do like picking up manga when I’m in Forbidden Planet since they do a 3 for 2 all year round making it just as cheap as when I order online. I collect a lot of manga so I’m always happy to get it at a cheaper price.

The volumes that I picked up were Honey so Sweet volume 7 and 8 along with a new Black Butler volume (24). I was so happy to see Honey so Sweet as it finished just about 2 months ago in English at 8 volumes. It’s such a cute and adorable series. It’s also so nice to buy a series that doesn’t go on and on (looking at you forever Naruto). Funnily enough I posted about this on twitter recently and got given out to for mentioning it finished at that volume, even though it’s been finished in Japan for about 2 years now!

The art was one of the main reasons I picked up this series in the first place. It’s one I really recommend and I can’t wait to finish reading this over the holidays!

I picked up volume 24 of Black Butler too, a series I need to catch up on reading soon. I adore this manga though. The art is so beautiful (can you tell I’m a sucker for art?) and the story line changes up keeping it interesting with different arcs. I do recommend you check this out and the anime is quite good. The Atlantic arc just came out as a movie and I loved it!

I was so excited when I found this next item! Funko released a new wave of Disney Princess pops and finally released a new Aurora! (Still want a Briar Rose one!). I missed out on the original (and still regret not picking it up when I randomly found her in a store in Dublin) and she costs too much second hand so I was delighted when Funko brought out a new one! I’m just hoping I can find the chase version of her in the blue dress as she’s mostly marketed in the pink. They’ve also released a Merida, Snow White and Mulan in this line. I’m really hoping to get Snow White at some point!


Book Mail!

I just got a 10 per cent discount from the book depository and I was overdue in getting the new volume of Food Wars so here we are!

I picked up a couple of new books that I wanted to read!

Food Wars is one of my favourite manga series and I’m so excited that the anime is back with a new season! I tend to wait for the new volume to go down in price before I buy it and I also had a 10 per cent discount so I had to get it! I’m really hyped to see where this series is going. I so wish the English volumes didn’t take so long to come out!

Honey So Sweet 5 and 6 were the next volumes I added to my order. I’m so in love with this series, the art and the story are so adorable! I really do recommend this if you love shoujo manga as much as I do! There are only 2 more volumes left in the series after this and I’m hoping to get them sometime soon. It’s nice to be able to complete a series!

My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness is a comic that I’ve heard really good things about. I’ve been trying to expand my comic collection with more titles and stuff other than just superheroes recently. I’m really looking forward to reading this!