Book Haul!

So I’ve noticed when catching up with posts there are some books that I got recently that I never blogged about! So here’s a random mash of books that I bought that I really want to share! I’m also hoping to do a mini haul once Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card volume 1 comes out!


On with the books!

The first book that I’m going to mention first is Tower of Dawn by Sarah J Maas! I’m a huge fan of her and the Throne of Glass books so I’m really excited for this! This is technically a novella of sorts with the POV being Chaols. I really liked his character and I’m hoping to reread Throne of Glass over the holidays during some sort of readathon as I’m behind in the series. I never finished Heir of Fire and I do own Queen of Shadows and Empire of Storms so it’s time to marathon them. Especially with the last book of this series coming out at the start of next year. Isn’t the cover so beautiful though? I even saw the hardback version while I was in Limerick and it was even more stunning but a bit too pricey, especially for a book I already had!

I’ve been wanting to get more into comics so I also recently picked up more volumes from the DC Rebirth range! I got the first volumes of The Flash and Batman. I’m really excited to give this  a read! I’m a huge fan of superhero comics and I’ve been reading some of the Rebirth series through single issues. I’d love more recommendations by the way! I’m hoping to get more from the DC Rebirth series. I have some of the Harley Quinn and Suicide Squad single issues, and I regularly get Batgirl and Batgirl and the birds of prey monthly!

One of my most anticipated reads from DC Rebirth though is the next on my haul here! I bought the first issue digitally to see how I’d like it and I loved it! I actually bought this through the comic book store I get my single issues from! Super Sons is such a fun read and I love how the sons of Batman and Superman interact with each other.

I’m super excited for this next title! John Green recently released a new book and even if I wasn’t interested in the story I couldn’t pass it up for the cover alone. Yes I do judge books by their cover! It’s so beautiful and I’ve heard really good things about the story too. I’m building up a rather large tbr for Christmas.

The next title had some mixed reviews and I can understand that being from a youtuber can do that. I mostly bought it as it sounded like a cute read and the cover was so damn cute. I do have a problem with cute covers clearly! Even if I don’t like this I got some cute photos out of it! I will be posting a review once I read this just due to the mixed reviews I’m interested in seeing how I’ll like it. I think it might end up being a title that I would have loved as a teenager though!


That’s it for right now! I plan on blogging a lot more during the holidays so if there’s anything you’d like to see more of let me know! Or if there’s posts I haven’t done and you’re interested in them leave some suggestions below! Thanks!


Meraki Candles Haul: Part 1

I finally decided to buy some bookish candles! I see these pop up on Instagram quite a lot and love how they look in photos. A lot of these companies are actually American but I came across Meraki Candles on etsy and they ship from Scotland. I had to buy some. I had these shipped to my addresspal (kinda like a PO box) but I think with the wait time I may just ship them to my actual Irish address in the future.

The candles that I bought were Chaol and The Burrow. Chaol being one of my favourite characters from the Throne of Glass books and The Burrow being the home of the Weasly family from Harry Potter.

Chaol is described as smelling of books and hazelnut coffee while The Burrow smells of Banana nut bread. They both smell amazing. I’m not very good at describing scents but they both are exactly what they offer. Chaol reminds me of being in a coffee shop with a good book and The Burrow smells exactly like freshly baked banana bread. I’m so excited to burn them over the holidays. Especially as I have a lot of reading I want to do and these will be perfect to burn in the background. I would so recommend these candles. Keep an eye out on instagram for when I burn them and I will let you know how they compare then!

I also included some bookish photos I took including the candles below!

Are bookish candles something you like? I’d love to know if you’ve tried them before!


Book Mail!

I recently did a book order online once I realised that new manga had come out! Hoping to do another one soon as Food Wars volume 20 is out and I do need it!

Book mail is one of my favourite types of mail, in case you couldn’t tell from my instagram. It reminds me of being a kid and ordering books from school. We used to get this small catalogue that we could buy books from and they would arrive in school. I remember how excited I got when the huge box would arrive and I knew that I had books in it! So thanks to my mom for letting me buy way too many. We never had that much money but I’m always grateful to her for supporting my reading habit!

Princess Jellyfish was a fantastic anime,I really do recommend it if you haven’t seen it. And I’m so happy that Kodansha not only printed it in English but recently announced that they will be doing the whole series! The manga recently finished in Japan so it will be fully printed in English early next year! They also recently announced they are doing a print version of Tokyo Tararba Girls! They have a kindle version and I’m loving the live action tv show so I’m super happy that I can get it in print version!

It’s by the same author of Princess Jellyfish btw!

I also picked up this comic memoir called Spinning. It’s about a time in the authors life when she used to ice skate and when she discovered she was gay. It was a really good read! I read it pretty much straight away. The art is really good and works really well with the storyline. It’s sad in parts for sure but you really feel something while reading it. As someone who still is unsure about her sexuality it was interesting to read from a perspective of someone who seems more sure.



Boruto is a really fun series! I really enjoyed the movie and I’m currently watching the anime on crunchyroll. As someone who spent about 10 years collecting Naruto (yes I own 72 volumes of that) it’s so weird still to see a series out about his son. It makes me feel old and oddly proud. This is volume 2 of hopefully not another 72 volumes!

And finally for this haul the newest volume of Kimi ni Todoke! This is volume 27! I really liked the anime and love the manga so far. I do need to catch up a little bit but I had to get the newest volume. Am I the only one who feels oddly satisfied when you are up to date on a series? It’s such a cute story and I highly recommend checking out either the anime or manga if you can!




Any recent book mail that you’ve received? Or are there any books coming out soon that you are excited for? Let me know in the comments below!


Book-Tube-a-Thon 2017/Biannual Bibliothon



I’m really excited to be taking part in another year of Book-tube-a-thon. They just announced the challenges so it’s time to come up with another TBR! I’ve also done a very small haul from the book depository which will feature in my tbr! And I’ll also be taking part in the Biannual Bibliothon too which also has some challenges! That starts a day before Book-Tube-a-Thon!

First up are the challenges!

  1. Read a book with a person on the cover (Honey so Sweet vol 1 and 2)
  2. Read a hyped book (A Court of Thorns and Roses)
  3. Finish a book in one day (Honey so sweet)
  4. Read about a character very different from you (Night Circus)
  5. Finish a book completely outdoors (A Court of Thorns and Roses)
  6. Read a book you bought because of the cover (In Real Life)
  7. Read 7 books

You can merge up to two challenges but no more than that. My goal is to read at least 7 books but I’m including more than that in my tbr to give me some more options. There are some of these books that are new and some that have been sitting on my tbr for way too long! I’m going to start with books that I know I will 100 per cent read and then add some at the end that I’d like to get to if I have the time.

One of the first books that I’ve picked for this can work for more than one challenge and I’m using it for the first one. It’s also part of my mini haul! It’s the first two volumes of Honey so Sweet. I fell in love with the cover and as a person who’s very into cute manga with cute female characters I had to get it. I picked up the first two volumes as I tend to get through manga really quickly.  I’m really looking forward to seeing what this series is like and it’ll count towards my manga reading challenge for this year.

One book that I’m really looking forward to reading is The Court of Thorns and Roses (I’ll also be reading the two other books in the series!). I’ve had this book on my tbr for ages and I kept putting it off waiting for the others to come out. It’s a bad habit! But now that I have the first three books (which I’ve heard work together as a trilogy) I’ve decided to finally just do it and read them!

I also finally bought the graphic novel In Real Life and used the Book-Tube-a-Thon discount on this! The art is super cute and it’s been on my tbr for so long!

Two of the books on this list are anthologies, and contain a mix of written stories and comics. The Secret Loves of Geek Girls and So Pretty/Very Rotten are these books.

The Secret Loves of Geek Girls is a mix of stories (prose, comics and illustrated stories) written by women who love geek culture. They are all true stories and reflect the lives and loves of the women who wrote them. It was released on Kickstarter and then published by Dark Horse Comics later.

So Pretty/Very Rotten is a book of prose and comics written by and about Lolita Fashion from Japan. A friend of mine bought this herself and when I saw her mention it in a group chat I had to get it! One of the authors in this wrote one of my favourite books that also starred a Lolita (Kamikaze Girls). I’m really excited to delve into this!

I’ve included Princess Jellyfish as it’s the newest volume and a series that I love! I’ve also just found out that it will be finishing up in Japanese this year so I’m excited to hopefully get the finished collection once it’s translated and published in English!

Night Circus is another book that has been sitting on my tbr pile for way too long so I decided to finally pick it up and it fills the character that is different from you challenge. I was unsure about this challenge but really since their is magic involved she is quite different from me!

Jenny Colgan writes the cutest romance books! I loved her Cupcake Cafe series and I’m excited to give this one a try!

And finally (for now) I have the first two volumes of The Girl from the Other Side, a manga with influences from my own culture( I’m Irish) and from our myths. I’m really excited about these as I love manga and seeing my own culture reflected in that is really cool!

There are a couple of challenges that I’ll also be taking part in for Biannual Bibliothon !

They have a book for the first challenge picked so I wasn’t able to do that one but here are the rest of the challenges!


2. Read a fave genre of one of the hosts

3. Book to movie adaptation (read and watch)

I decided to pick Wolf Children for this as I have both the book and the movie on dvd!

4. Read a book you’ve heard about through the book community

I’m using one of my books from above for this! A Court of Thorns and Roses. I saw this a lot on booktube and in the book community in general so I’m excited to finally get to it. I’ve read and loved Throne of Glass.

5. Throwback (An older challenge from a previous year)

I decided to go with a challenge from Summer of last year which was read a book that you’ve been putting off reading. Which I’ll be using Night Circus for! It’s been on my tbr for too long now!

The last two challenges I’m unsure about so will have to come back to later on in the week! I’m considering rereading Harry Potter or Eleanor and Park or even Animal Farm but I’ll see! I also haven’t got many LGBTQA+ books which is insane! I’ve read them all so any new recommendations please send them my way!

6. Been/Still banned



And that’s it for now! I will be merging with the other readathon too! I’ll be posting my updates on my social media sites (Instagram and twitter) so keep an eye out there!

Is there anyone else taking part in either or both readathons this week? I’d love to know what you plan on reading!



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Book Haul!

Really excited in getting back to this and also super hyped for this haul!

Food Wars is one of my favourite series at the moment! It’s so good! I have to admit that when I first tried to watch the show I was put off by the fan service but when you get past that it’s so good. It’s funny that I went from not liking it to watching the show a number of times and owning the manga. It’s such a fun show and the food looks amazing! I do highly recommend watching the anime as well as reading the manga. The show really does a great job with the cooking aspect, my only issue is that the 2nd season is way too short! It rushed through the plot too quickly.

Season 3 was also just announced and is coming out this fall! I’m so happy that we get new episodes and a future volume is coming out with a short episode on dvd.


I saw this next title when I was on instagram one day and I fell in love! I had to get it. Not only is the art beautiful but it’s also influenced by Ireland and our myths. I can’t wait to give it a read. I may write a review over on Goodreads when I’m done!


A friend of mine got the book on the left and after hearing her say it was good I needed to get myself a copy. I like to get books with Lolita’s in them or some sort of Japanese fashion. I’m a huge fan of Kamikaze Girls and knowing the author was a part of this project made me want it even more. There is a mix of essays and comics written by Lolita’s. There’s even a description of the style of the start which is quite cute. I’ve taken a couple of photos on instagram that show two of the pages describing Gothic and Old School Lolita. Both cute styles and the drawings are great. They actually both reminded me of a couple of girls in my community. If you are interested in Lolita or just Japanese fashion in general this to me is a must buy! I grew up in my teens loving Lolita and buying and reading whatever I could get my hands on. This is one of the better books that I have.

Giant Days is such a great and fun comic! I’m head over heals in love with it! Along with Food Wars this is a series that I try to buy almost as soon as it comes out. It’s such a relatable series as I’m currently in University! It stars three women going through University in England and their friendship is so cute! If you are wanting to get into comics this is one I would recommend. Along with Lumberjanes and Paper Girls, it’s so great seeing comics with female leads.



Have you read any or want to read any of the above? Let me know below!

Also I’m currently taking part in a manga reading challenge over on goodreads! I’m hoping to read at least 50 volumes this year, I’m on about 20 right now! If you want to take part it’s under the Manga and Anime Lovers group challenge list!

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#fempowerathon tbr

Today is fempowerathon day 1 and here is my tbr!

It takes place from the 19th of March to the 26th!

Here are the challenges that you can take part in:

  • a woman in position of power
  • a woman of colour
  • an LGBT+ woman
  • a prominent sister relationship
  • a woman with a mental illness
  • an own voices novel
  • read a book about a woman not set in the western world
  • a graphic novel by a female

You just need to read books based on the prompts above and you can mix and match them too.


On to what I plan on reading!



I may end up adding other titles if I can get through these!

Starting from the bottom of this pile I have Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. I’ve actually read this one before but I wanted to reread it and it also fits under the sister relationship challenge as the main character and her twin go to college together.

The next three books are a trilogy. I know a little about these and they were highly recommended and of course they are very pretty! I’ll be putting these under the woman in position of power due to the main character being female and having to protect the main male character. I’ll also be reading some superhero comics for this particular challenge too.

Everything leads to you is a book that I’ve wanted to read for so long. It’s going under the challenge for an LGBT+ woman as the main character is a lesbian.

The next two books focus on mental illness, one an eating disorder and the other on suicide.


These are some comics that I put together though I may not get to read all of them!

Harley Quinn features a bisexual lead character and she also is part of the Suicide Squad comics. DC Bombshells not only features an entire cast of female superheroes but also has Batwoman, a lesbian superhero.

I will be adding a couple of titles later on, like Ms Marvel issues that I need to catch up which will cover the WOC challenge. I’ll also be reading some manga that are set in Japan to cover the not set in the western world challenge!

I’m really excited to start this read-a-thon and I hope you join in too!

I will be posting a list of recommendations for this challenge of books that I’ve already read. I’ve also created lists of goodreads too! Though I’m not a fan of the idea that anyone can add books to it. I’m having issues with one person who keeps doing it to them and I don’t even know her.

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#ayearthon tbr

It’s finally March 6th and that means time for another read-a-thon! This is what I hopefully plan to read during this one!
I’m also hoping to take part in fempowerathon this month too!

The theme for this months ayearathon is cover buys! Some of these books are 100 per cent bought for that reason!

This will be a rather quick post but follow me over on twitter to see me post my progress!


I’m really excited to read (and in the case of The Walking Dead re read) these books! Some we chosen to go with the theme of cover buys (like Lady Killer and Fantastic Beasts) while others are ones I’ve been wanting to read and wanting to catch up on!


Are you taking part? I’d love to know what you’re reading!

Also I have a mini book haul coming up featuring one of the book above!